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Tourist Markets

The Tourist Studies provide timely, systematic and permanent information about visitors´ profile, their behavior, the money they spend and the activities they do.


We currently generate monthly information about Cancún, Riviera Maya and Los Cabos.


The Tourist Studies are wide spectrum studies that provide a general overview of each destination while their data base provides specific information on each business sector of tourism industry.


The Tourist Studies have been carried out monthly since 1992 in Cancún, 1996 en the Mayan  Riviera and 2003 in Los Cabos.


They are based on surveys to tourists waiting at the boarding lounges at Cancun and Los Cabos international airports.


The reliability of the surveys general results is over 96% and is based on over 300,000 surveys carried out since 1992.

The Tourist

Studies contain information about the following topics:

  • Hotel suppy, number of tourists and hotel occupancy.
  • Tourists´ socio-economic profiles (place of origin, marital status, occupation, income level)
  • Tourists´ behavior in the destination (number of times they have visited it, average stay duration, group size).
  • How was the trip purchased, reasons for visit, destinations considered, travel agencies.
  • Car rental and means of transportation used during their stay.
  • Amount of money spent in the destination.
  • Distribution of the money spent (flight, accommodation, restaurants, night clubs, shopping, tours and entertainment).
  • Accommodation (hotels, timeshare, vacation rentals, hostels).
  • Use and sale of timeshare.
  • Visit to restaurants, restaurants visited and favorite ones.
  • Visit to night clubs, bars visited and favorite ones.
  • Visit to shoppig malls, places where tourists actually shopped, favorite shopping malls, shopping in hotels, items purchased.
  • Tours and entertainment activities, favorite tours, dolphinariums, golf, fishing.
  • Traditional and digital advertising media used by the tourist market.

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