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Research on Tourism Markets

The main objective of the Tourist Studies is to provide timely, systematic and permanent profile information of the visitor, their behavior, their tastes and the income generated during their visit to a destination..

Nowadays we generate tourist studies for the following destinations:

Cancun Turist Study:

"Cancun tourist" research is the largest existing database on profile and behavior of tourists in Cancun, since it has more than 148 thousand interviews made directly with visitors, product of its monthly production since 1991.

Among its methodological characteristics stand out:

Daily sampling with staff at the national and international departures from Cancun Airport. Stratified sampling by place of origin of visitors, avoiding distortions in the results that occur when there is over or under-representation of any group. 1,000 monthly surveys as a minimum, achieving a reliability of the 96.7% in the general results of the study.

Riviera Maya Turist Study:

This tourist destination study was produced on a quarterly basis since the month of August 1996 and from February 1999 is carried out monthly, which makes this research the most constant and complete of what happens in this tourist area which is characterized by its rapid growth and change.

The information is obtained through 650 surveys monthly collected in the lounge of Cancun International Airport.

Due to the peculiar composition of tourists visiting the Riviera Maya, the surveys are conducted in four languages: English, German, Spanish and Italian.

We have a databank of more than 48,000 records in this study.

Los Cabos Turist Study:

This study was created between April 2003 and December 2005 and resumed in 2013, with a result of a databank of 15 thousand records about the behavior of tourists in this destination.

Among its methodological characteristics stand out:

  • Sampling with people in the lounges of Los Cabos Airport.
  • Simple random sampling of visitors, which ensures that each passenger has an equal opportunity to be selected, stratified by installments according to the place of origin of the tourist.

400 minimum monthly surveys, reaching a reliability of 95.0 % in the overall results of the study.

Real Estate Market Research

The object of real estate market studies is to investigate and analyze the existing offer in a specific area determined in relation to aspects such as number of units and construction features, prices, financing, among other aspects, as well as the dimension and socio-economic profile of the applicants for housing there.

Feasibility studies of real estate projects.

Determination of optimal land use for properties.

Squares diagnosis for evaluation of new markets.

Identification of the right product to build on a given property, number of units, price range to compete properly, etc.

Mystery Shoppers

In market research there is a type of qualitative methodology that allows you to know objectively the real experience of a buyer or user, the characteristics and commercial conditions of the products of a company and the competition, the perception on the quality of service, between the aspects; this is the technique of the Mystery Shopping or simulated purchase, through which staff especially trained and with similar profile with the target of a product or service conducts an investigation or audit at the point of sale in "real conditions", while people don’t know they are subject of analysis and that their performance will be evaluated.

Benefits of implementing a program of Mystery Shopper:

  • Timely detect critical factors in the process of delivery of the goods or services to the customer at the point of sale, by the sales representatives..
  • Identify needs for training of sales personnel.
  • Inform the employees about the importance of providing a good quality service to customers and users.
  • Help the management to design better marketing plans. When implementing product analysis programs that can serve as models of commercial attention and evaluation of the service provided by the competition.
  • Identify the level of compliance of institutional image and service policies.
  • Design promotion and customer retention programs.
  • Incorporate product improvements.

Customer Satisfaction

The customer is the axis on which all commercial activity is based and this suggests the need for research studies on issues such as their socio-demographic profile, their tastes and preferences and also about its perception and behavior.

It is important to carry out this research periodically since the tastes, preferences and customer perceptions are highly variable and it is important to detect trends for the course of the business.

The purpose of the research is to know the social and demographic profile of clients, as well as their needs and behavior.

Due to the variability in tastes and preferences, as well as the change in the reasons for buying that exist throughout the year, it is proposed to carry out this type of research on a quarterly basis.


  • Order and cleanliness.
  • Visual presentation.
  • Treatment and kindness of the staff.
  • Sales
  • Promotions and discounts.
  • Product knowledge.
  • Variety and quantity of products
  • Boxes area.

Posicionamiento de marca

Su objetivo fundamental el conocer el posicionamiento de cada marca entre el mercado de nivel socioeconómico medio alto y alto.

Los objetivos específicos de esta investigación son:

  • Top of mind
  • Shere of mind
  • Recordación de la imagen
  • Aspectos de la publicidad que recuerda
  • Medios en los que vio publicidad
  • Medios publicitarios que utiliza: periódicos, revistas, radio, televisión, internet
  • Días y horas en que utilizan cada uno de estos medios

Ad-Hoc Studies

The fundamental purpose of Marketing Consultants is to provide you high quality service, backed by the seriousness, responsibility and experience of our members.

Each customer receives a specific proposal in accordance to his needs, considering its referential framework.

Studies offered:

  • General market characteristics
  • Consumer profile
  • Mobility and consumer habits
  • Competiton characteristics
  • Penetration in advertising media
  • Advertising efficiency
  • Product positioning
  • Brand image
  • Business area influx
  • Market quantification
  • Market segmentationo
  • Census and demographic surveys: demographic and socio-economic analysis
  • Distribution and transportation logistics/li>
  • Geographical location of industries, businesses, points of sales and warehouses
  • Telephone surveys

Qualitative Studies

The essence of the qualitative methodology helps us to understand the "deep" factors that determine purchase and consumption attitudes. It is analyzed the subjective part of the people, which controls its behavior in different aspects of life. It does not seek for representation, neither to measure or quantify.

Qualitative studies are the best way to diagnose patterns and social, cultural and emotional variables that are decisive in the perceptions, attitudes and behavior of the public.

The techniques used are:

  • Group sessions (Focus Groups)
  • Micro sessions
  • Triats
  • Macro sessions
  • Clinic
  • Creative group
  • House visits
  • Attitudes measurement